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So we’re not here to bore you with a story about how we started, or share cute pics of our office dog. Instead, we're going to tell you how we do things, what we’re like to work with, and what this means for you and your business.

What describes us?

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portraying excellence
From design to code, the tiny details matter. And we take things to an extreme. Yes, it takes us a little bit longer to do things, but we can rest easy knowing we’ve gone above, beyond and then some.
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Your business is our business. So when you win, we win. We’re not one of these agencies who says they care, and acts otherwise once they've got your money. We really care, and have lots of happy clients who’ll say the same.
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Don't be surprised if you see us crying happy tears at the end of your project. We take enormous pride in what we do, and we're not afraid of letting it show.
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We’re here to unlock your untapped potential. Not work with you on one project. So, whether it’s maintenance once you’re live, or tweaking as you grow, we’re here to support you.
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You know your business and audience better than anyone else, including us. So why wouldn’t we collaborate and combine knowledge? In every situation, we've found this brings the best results. So, we’ll continue to push for collaboration.
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Future focussed
Look. We want to help you build the business you've always dreamed of. So we’ll do everything we can to make sure it not only stands out, but sticks around, too.

How we work

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There is a mix of talented people at Untapped — all from different walks of life. You’ve got designers, strategists, technologists, and product experts, all under one roof, passionate about the same thing: creating bangin’ digital products.
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Our space has more energy than a child’s ball pit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because it boosts collaboration, builds relationships and aids inspiration.
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It’s this relaxed, collaborative and honest culture that brings out the creative and considered thinking. And that’s something we bring to every project.

Who are we?

Will Yoxall

CEO & Founder
Will brings 10+ years of mobile-specific development and UI experience to our projects as well as strategic decision making. His passion for success and cutting-edge design coupled with a focus on delivery shines through in the projects we produce.

Mike Nicholson

Sales Director
Mike has 25 years experience in sales and marketing roles, including many years working with some of the largest app publishers in the world. Responsible for new business leads and marketing strategy.

Glen Saunders

Senior Designer & Product Owner
Multi-disciplinary designer with 15+ years experience adding value to client and brand projects. Passionate about design and tech, exacting attention to detail, ensuring products are delivered with quality from conception to completion.

Richard Milton

Full Stack Developer
Richard is a very experienced software engineer who has much experience both with Java & DotNet but also very skilled with front-end react, angular, HTML and CSS. Having worked both architecting and implementing complex systems, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. There really isn't a software challenge that Richard can’t find a solution too!

Steffan Cope

Full Stack Developer
Steffen is a brilliant front-end developer who also knows his way around back-end code and servers. Having been developing software for 15 years, he's seen it all. Has a real passion for core computer science fundamentals and anything NFT/blockchain related. Our in-house Web3 expert!

Jarama Clucas PhD

Science & Research Advisor
Until joining Untapped, Jarama has focused her career in scientific research, specifically in cancer research. Her knowledge ensures our projects are as scientifically assured of success as possible, and guides our research with PhD precision.

Samantha Hill

Digital Marketing Executive
Samantha joined us after WYK Digital Marketing course as a passionate intern looking to gain experience. Samantha brings her enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail to every task at hand, and is a keen Pokémon collector!

We’re in this together

Icon of shield portraying partners for life
Partners for life
We’re here for now, and also the future.

We put as much effort into building a relationship with you as we do building your product. Because the best things are built on trust, honesty and openness.
Icon of star portraying the amazing things we build for our clients
Build something unignorable
It’s our job to make you stand out. To give you a je ne sais quit-what-you’re-doing-and-take-note-of-this-product-because-it’s-incredible level of appeal.

To do this, we combine our vision with your core values, and a star is born.
Icon of rocket portraying how we help startups
Help young startups
As well as building digital products, we also help startups grow, offering tips and advice on how to be successful in the short, medium and long-term. We like helping others like that.

We also offer a 10% discount to any startups first SoW with us! Get in touch to find out more.

Who are our clients?

We generally work with Fintech and Healthcare brands, as these suit the way we work. That said, we’re never shy of branching out if we like the sound of something. We treat each project uniquely, and can adapt to suit your business to help you meet your goals.
Helping you meet your future goals.

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