The best apps and websites aren’t built on BS and guesswork

They’re built on:

A true understanding
Before we lift a finger, we'll get to know your business and your clients. This way, we know what'll hit and what'll miss. It also means we know what to prioritise, saving you time and money.
Lots of planning
- with data
Data removes a lot of the guesswork. Likewise, the faffing that comes with trying to predict what your audience wants. And that's why we use data. Lots of it. All in the name of getting you better results at the first time of asking.
Top quality
design and
If your product has the appeal of a game of Monopoly when you're heavily in debt, nobody will care. That’s why we go to town on each element of your product, giving it every chance of standing out. From naming workshops and logo creation to copy and user flows, we’ll help you stand out and stick around.
The developing process is a collaborative one. Yes, we’ll have our heads down most of the time, but we’ll always keep you in the loop and welcome feedback at every step of the process. As well as bringing costs down, it also speeds things up, as there's less toing and froing.
A demo and the actual product are two different things. Just because the demo performed well, doesn’t mean the finished product will. That is, unless you test rigorously.

We'll carry out both automated (software) and manual tests to ensure that when we hand over your product, there really is nothing more to do.
We don’t build your digital product for now. We build it for the future. This means that as your business grows, your product can, too. Whether it’s adding new products, features or updating security — everything is built to scale and last.

How we get there

icon of a magnifying glass
Building a product without doing any research is like building a house without a foundation: pointless. To prevent your product toppling over after launch, we'll carry out in-depth user and competitor research before we start work.
icon of a quality tick
We focus on quality. Always. Having several immaculate features is better than having hundreds of average ones. To guarantee quality, everything we do goes through assurance.
icon of a fast forward logo
Short Sprints
Change shouldn’t take a lifetime. That’s why we work in sprints. Every milestone takes two weeks or less — and you’re always in the loop.
icon of a small bar chart
User data is the most powerful tool in product management. And that’s why we use it to make informed decisions about your product.
icon of a shield
Quality Assurance
Ahead of launch, we’ll run a marathon of tests to ensure your product is up to scratch, in it for the long-run, and prepared for web and mobile updates.
icon of a smiley face
Close Collaboration
We like to collaborate. With you. Not only does it bring the best results, but it gets you involved with the build. I mean, what’s not to like about that?
icon of 2 circular arrows moving in a circle
By being agile, we’re able to gather feedback early and get things moving quicker in the right direction.
icon of a document with a plus symbol
Value Planning
The end-to-end plan will keep everyone and everything aligned and moving. We’ll review this plan often and make changes if needed.
icon of small stack of coins
Operational Costs
We’ll be upfront about how much it will cost to run your business after your digital product is built. This makes it easier to budget, and means no hidden surprises at the end.
icon of a small rocket
Launch sooner
Feedback is a real driver for a successful product. So, we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to gather feedback by getting your product to market as soon as we can.

6-a-side fantasy team

icon of a clipboard
Our Product & Project Managers, Strategists
The plan-a-holics: keeping things in order, on track and running smoothly.
image of code brackets
Our Developers
Heads down, headphones on: making your product functional and easily able to perform specific tasks.
icon of a stack of documents
Our Technical Leads
The brains of the bunch: overseeing the project and making calls on framework and programming languages.
icon of an image place holder
Our Designers
The cool kids: making your business easy on the eye with branding and animations.
icon of a 3d cube
Our Architects
The guards: keeping check on all things coding, software and security.
icon of a shield
Our Quality assurance
The nitpickers: carrying out tests and picking up on the littlest of details before launch.
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star

Here’s what they had to say

"The Untapped team are fantastic partners.  We very much appreciated their open, honest and rapid communication — which is a rare find! They can be counted on to provide holistic solutions that go beyond just meeting the initial brief — and they go the extra mile ensure that the end product is truly exceptional."
"I've had the pleasure of working with Will & Untapped on a number of occasions, most recently at Spirit Health Care where a full overhaul of an existing system was needed. Will always takes the time to ensure that the technical requirements of the project and acceptance criteria are fully understood before embarking on any work, and he provides clear communication throughout the lifecycle of the project. The results of such an approach speak for themselves and I would be happy to recommend untapped to anyone looking for a new solution or technical consultancy."
"Untapped were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Taking the time to understand our brief and asking the right questions to help us achieve not just what we wanted but also what we needed. Will and his team showed a huge commitment to delivering. Producing eye catching designs that are modern and slick, using an intelligent discovery and UX thought process. Clearly technical experts, web development of our new dashboard in Wordpress was a breeze and an enjoyable process to be a part of. We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend."
"I recently worked with Untapped on a complete re-design of my webflow website. The team took the time to deeply understand what I was looking to achieve and constantly keep in touch throughout the design process. The result speaks for itself with a large increase in traffic and inbound leads from the site. I’d recommed the team at Untapped to anyone looking for web development and design."
"Working with Untapped was a pleasure from start to finish. Throughout the project they were great communicators and ensured that we were informed at every step. They grasped our concept at the early stage and planning meetings were really easy and stress free. The quality of the work that Untapped produced was exactly as we required. I would not hesitate to use them again."
"The Untapped team was a pleasure to partner with on some quick-turn deliverables. They were fast and flexible as feedback came in and held themselves to high production standards, ensuring that our final outputs met everyone's expectations."
"Upon launching a new arm of our business, we needed a quality website setting up that was able to integrate with our internal policy quoting systems. As a business that is predominantly built around internal resource and development, it was important that any third-party we worked with was able to adapt to our business and learn our ways. Untapped have proven to be a considerable asset to us, giving us reassurance that third-party companies can have the same level of care, attention to detail, and investment to understanding the core objective as our own teams deliver. A great quality end result too!"
"Will and James at Untapped took the necessary time to understand our product, then delivered a simple and effective app for watching Virtual Reality films on Android and iOS devices. They’ve continued to provide support for our requirements, resolving multiple technological challenges, while also making valuable suggestions for enhancements aligned with business opportunities for us. They are a great team to work with."
"We worked with Untapped on a VERY last minute project and I couldn't imagine a safer set of hands! Our brief to them was scant at best, but they got to the very bones of it with ease. They approached the job with creativity and flexibility, while we were probably the worst kind of client! They made suggestions and slipped into our working methods with ease. The end product far exceeded our expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Will and Untapped. I look forward to working with them again soon."
"Having worked with Will and the team at Untappd since the inception of my business in April 2020, I have come to rely on the expertise and support that they have provided throughout my journey into e-commerce entrepreneurship. Without their significant expertise it would have been impossible to get my business off the ground so quickly and professionally. I am indebted to Untapped for their continuing support as my business not only expands but thrives within a competitive industry."
"Untapped has been an incredible help to our project from day one. Constantly challenged to find workarounds and creative solutions thanks to a changing tech landscape, Will and his team never let up. And the final product, The Wayback, is now once again helping those living with dementia to relive their past happy memories."
"Web3 is the fastest-paced and most fluid sector I've worked in. We needed a partner who were able to quickly grasp the basis of the project as well as work with the same pace and flex. Untapped nailed this on both counts and delivered a great looking site in a very small timeframe."
"Love it, thanks again Will Yoxall, Glen Saunders and the team at Untapped. If anybody is looking for fast, affordable and quality design work I can highly recommend the team at Untapped."
"Working with Untapped has been a pleasure. Within two weeks we had a fully functioning e-commerce website and were taking our first veg box orders. They've helped us develop our business, providing continual site upgrades, help and direction to create and establish our business plan and providing weekly marketing graphics to aid sales and boost brand presence. We look forward to using their skills and knowledge as our business grows and develops."

Who are our clients?

We generally work with Fintech and Healthcare brands, as these suit the way we work. That said, we’re never shy of branching out if we like the sound of something, particularly if it involves innovation. We treat each project uniquely, and can adapt to suit your business to help deliver your future goals.
We can help deliver your future goals.

Clients we work with:

Our trusted partners:

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We generally work with Fintech and Healthcare brands, as these suit the way we work. That said, we’re never shy of branching out if we like the sound of something, particularly if it involves innovation. We treat each project uniquely, and can adapt to suit your business to help deliver your future goals.

The tech we use

Choosing technology for a build is like choosing a new pair of shoes. There are tons available, but only a few will do the job, suit your style and fit as you need. It's no use picking at random and hoping for the best, as they'll give you grief in the long run. Technology is the same.

So what do you do? You research, test, and never guess. And that's exactly how we choose the right tech for you. We study your project, look at your budget, and then pick the best tech using our experience.

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