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The Wayback is a virtual reality film series that has been put together for those living with dementia and their carers. The movies recreate positive moments from the past, and triggers memories and sparks precious conversations to give those unable to remember, a sense of what it’s like to be around loved ones.

The series is created by Kevin Thomas, Dan Cole, Andy Garnett, Phillipa Thomas and Trent Simpson, all of whom have a wealth of filmmaking experience, and numerous accolades to their names.
The Wayback films are unlike any other kind of virtual reality film.
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Before we started working together, The Wayback had just picked up the Challenge Dementia Prize and Invest in Great awards. And on the back of this, they were looking for help taking their product to market.

Their original raw prototype had no payment options or security, so The Wayback needed a technical partner that could help grow their brand and bring their award-winning concept to life and commercial success.

After getting to know the guys, and hosting multiple client and stakeholder interviews and workshops, it was clear they needed more than a simple end-to-end model to do their brand justice.
News article Challenge Dementia prize winners

The project included:

Up to date digital strategy
End-to-end operational model
Subscription payments website
VR mobile app for Android and iOS
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Unity logo
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To start with, we worked on developing the paid subscription model. The thing with a standard subscription model is that Apple and Android demand a 30% revenue cut — which is a lot for a smaller business. We were able to navigate around this and create a perfectly legitimate digital plan that was easy to update and maintain, utilising Stripe & Firebase for payments and accounts.

Alongside developing The Wayback payments platform, we also created two mobile applications using different technologies. Why two? Because we wanted to be sure we were giving clients the best VR experience. By creating two versions, we could be sure we were providing the most immersive experience possible. In this case, we went with Unity for both Android and iOS.
The Wayback mobile menu 1
The Wayback mobile menu 2
The Wayback mobile menu 3
The Wayback mobile menu 4
The mobile app went live in June 2020 on both the iOS and Android app stores. Since then, it has accumulated multiple 5-star reviews. To see the tech in action, the app is available to download and is a great example of what we can do in the app game.

Collaboration was key to this project being a success. By working with The Wayback, rather than alongside them, we met their goals and much more. Not only did we produce an app that would make them money, but it had the quality and visual identity of their videos and brand.
The Wayback film showing street party reconstructionThe Wayback film showing house party reconstructionThe Wayback film showing street party reconstruction from the pastThe Wayback film showing house gathering reconstruction from the pastThe Wayback film showing street party reconstruction from the pastThe Wayback film showing large street party reconstruction from the past

The Impact

5-star reviews in iOS and Android app stores
Delivery of payment website and multi-platform mobile apps
Custom analytics to track miss-use
offline mode supported
3D VR experience working on low-end phones
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star

Here’s what they had to say

Untapped has been an incredible help to our project from day one. Constantly challenged to find workarounds and creative solutions thanks to a changing tech landscape, Will and his team never let up. And the final product, The Wayback, is now once again helping those living with dementia to relive their past happy memories.
Will and James at Untapped took the necessary time to understand our product, then delivered a simple and effective app for watching Virtual Reality films on Android and iOS devices.  They’ve continued to provide support for our requirements, resolving multiple technological challenges, while also making valuable suggestions for enhancements aligned with business opportunities for us. They are a great team to work with.

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