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Ahh, digital pets. But these are a lot more than cute pictures on a screen, they have a personality, too. You can bond and interact with them, evolve and teach them tricks. These pets are by your side across the Metaverse. It could be in a game or anywhere you live your digital life. This is the future, and Petaverse is leading it.

So what is Petaverse? Well, it's a project Tiny Rebel Games is launching this year, and not only does it aim to build NFT pets, but set the standard for all pets in the Metaverse. Imagine a more complex version of a Tamagotchi or Nintendogs in the Metaverse. Yup, just like that.
Virtual pets in the palm of your hand
Collage of smartphones with cats on them, floating in space.
Petaverse logo in white on blue background
White paw print on turquoise background


The Web3 industry is prone to a complex website. A lot of brands overcomplicate things and it takes the emphasis away from the project. Petaverse didn't want that, and instead, wanted a simple brochure site that speaks to the Web3 community and showcases what they do and who they are.

The goal was to simplify their Web3 mission, and tell anyone landing on their website about their concept. With this in mind, whatever we created had to showcase their mission, roadmap, investors and of course, their furry four-legged friends in a simple, fun and engaging way.
Mockup showing Petaverse website being designed

The project included:

Up to date digital strategy
Handover to end client
Fully responsive site for all devices
Web3 showcase to raise investor awareness
webflow logo in white
Woman holding smartphone showing Petaverse cat on screen


We like to give our clients options, always. And so we created 3 light themes and 3 dark theme variations for the Petaverse website. To complement this, we also put together a brand pack that featured colours and typography. With a single logo and a little marketing material, we took this brand to the next level visually — while ensuring the guys at Petaverse were happy with every pixel!

As for the website CMS, we went with Webflow, mostly because of its ease of use, responsive design elements and advanced layouts. Combining the three, we were able to produce a punchy, purrfect web page that showcases their brilliant work to date.
3 Petaverse cats
image of space with blue green gradient
Web 3.0 logo in white
In the long-term, Petaverse plan to scale their website as their business grows. We took this into consideration when choosing a CMS platform, as Webflow is one of the simplest to customise and maintain. Webflow puts them in a good position to be able to grow in the future.
Petaverse brand guidelines page 1
Petaverse brand guidelines page 2
Petaverse brand guidelines page 3
Petaverse brand guidelines page 4
Petaverse brand guidelines page 6
Petaverse brand guidelines page 6
Petaverse brand guidelines page 7
Petaverse brand guidelines page 8

The Impact

Instrumental in securing further rounds of investment
Outlines their roadmap in striking fashion
Paramount to Petaverse’s future growth in a rapidly evolving sector
Fast turn around Delivery of a complete build
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icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
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Here’s what they had to say

Web3 is the fastest-paced and most fluid sector I've worked in. We needed a partner who were able to quickly grasp the basis of the project as well as work with the same pace and flex. Untapped nailed this on both counts and delivered a great looking site in a very small timeframe.

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