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Spirit Health

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iOS & Android app
Incremental delivery


Health is important. And Spirit Health does a fantastic job of catering to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.

With a range of tech and platforms to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, they’re specialists in remote patient monitoring, mobile health applications, and AI-powered services that boost patient engagement, enhance clinical efficiency and make healthcare more personalised.

Spirit Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


When Spirit Health got in touch to ask us if we could help rebuild their diabetes platform ‘Booking Hub’ — we just couldn’t say no.

The goal of the Booking Hub is to provide doctors with the ability to refer patients for diabetes monitoring and to learn the materials that will help manage the condition and live a healthier, freer life.

Clinitouch allows doctors to monitor people's health from anywhere, helping to provide better care outside of hospitals & clinics, which also frees up critical healthcare resources.

We focused on modernising the tech stack and UI, as well as helping migrate their award winning Clinitouch patient monitoring platform from web to a mobile application for the iOS and Android app stores.

The project included:

Webapp migration from ASP .NET & SQL to React & MongoDB
Complete UI kit including component library for iOS and Android
Kotlin Multiplatform app development
DevOps consultancy & setup using Kubernetes

Tech Stack

Github Actions
Kotlin Multiplatform


We were tasked with migrating the Booking Hub application from its existing ASP .NET/SQL to a new application using Next.js & React.js with MongoDB (NoSQL document store). The existing application was proving difficult & time consuming to scale and was somewhat outdated and lacked new features.

We delivered the entire project in collaboration with Spirit Health providing UI designs and UX consultancy, backend and frontend engineering, technical leadership, project management and quality assurance testing.

Clinitouch Mobile Application

We also provided a developer to help work on delivering the new Kotlin-Multi platform application to the iOS and Android app store. Within 6 months, the app was live on both app stores and the company went on to win multiple awards.

The Impact

Modernizing the tech stack and UI
Migrating to new technologies
Collaboration and comprehensive project delivery
Incremental delivery
Successful development leading to award winning products
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Here’s what they had to say

"I've had the pleasure of working with Will & Untapped on a number of occasions, most recently at Spirit Health Care where a full overhaul of an existing system was needed. Will always takes the time to ensure that the technical requirements of the project and acceptance criteria are fully understood before embarking on any work, and he provides clear communication throughout the lifecycle of the project. The results of such an approach speak for themselves and I would be happy to recommend untapped to anyone looking for a new solution or technical consultancy."

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