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Image of smartphone with Toaster island displayed on the screen with a tree and popup menu on top


Toaster is a creative bunch who love nothing more than helping brands stand out in a noisy world. To do this, they create compelling campaigns and connect brands and audiences in a meaningful way.

Toaster is full of talented folk and has a former Google superstar at the top of the ranks. They also have an impressive roster, having worked with the likes of Samsung, Google and YouTube.

With a strong focus on collaboration and relationships, Toaster's approach puts the user first, always. And that's something we're firmly behind.
Trees for life
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Collage of Toaster agency clients projects
Image showing the construction of the 3d island
3d generated house for the island
3d generated deer
3d island with sky, land and sea
Toaster island colour palette


Untapped and Toaster have a lot in common. Aside from our beliefs, we have similar tastes in employees, too. Jane Harrington, Production Director at Toaster, also did a lot of great work at Untapped back in the day. And so when she reached out with a brief for Toaster Island, we knew it was going to be a good’un.

It was a simple idea with an ambitious time scale. The brief was to create an island using WebGL 3D tech, whereby clients could select a square on the island and plant a tree in return for a digital token. For every tree planted on Toaster Island, Trees For Life would plant one in Scotland.
A similar programme already exists on the Toaster website. Here, they plant a tree in the Scottish highlands for the air miles their team have clocked up. But Toaster Island was different, and part of a Christmas card campaign that aimed to do some good for the planet by reducing the number of gifts and single-use cards they gave to their clients.

So what about the time scale? Ah! Glad you asked. First, we love a challenge at Untapped, and even for us, this was ambitious! So we started work in late November, and it needed to be ready to send to Toaster’s clients before Christmas. This gave us 3 weeks to design and build Toaster Island.
3 laptop screens with Toaster island displayed on each

The project included:

Christmas campaign
Marketing Website
Subscription payments website
Optimised for Apple and Android
Map showing top view down of island with pink overlay grid
Three.js logo in white
Toaster island populated with over 1000 trees
Image of a line of 3d generated trees
Image of early stage 3d island


So it’s not every day you’re tasked with creating a digital island for a client, and it’s something we loved doing.

To build the island, we used threeJS, which is a common WebGL among gaming developers. While our designer got to work creating a mock-up and the final 3D assets in Blender, our dev team worked on a prototype. We also had to validate the tokens and update the database so that when someone planted a tree, it appeared on the island. It was a bit like The Sims but with ten times the stress and complexity.
image of a 3d island full of trees, shown on a mobile screen
image of a 3d island full of trees, shown on a mobile screen with user controls
image of a 3d island full of trees, shown on a mobile screen
image of a 3d island full of trees, shown on a mobile screen with user controls
Time wasn’t really on our side with this project, and so, unfortunately, some of our ideas weren’t possible. For example, we wanted animated animals to roam the island and birds to soar in the skies. We also wanted the island to reflect the current time of day, with shadows from the sun.

Time wasn’t the biggest challenge, though. You see, 3D graphics can take it out of a computer’s processor and performance if they aren’t done well. And without knowing what type of computer people would be using, it had to work on all devices and browsers. So not only did we need to create something that looked good, but it had to perform well, too. And not only that, but we had to build it in three weeks!
3d generated trees used in the Toaster island project

The Impact

210 Trees planted via Christmas campaign
Shadows, 3D animals and a custom Island created
TREES FOR LIFE saving the planet
Delivery of a complex build in just 3 weeks
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star
icon of an orange 5 pointed star

Here’s what they had to say

We worked with Untapped on a VERY last minute project and I couldn't imagine a safer set of hands! Our brief to them was scant at best, but they got to the very bones of it with ease. They approached the job with creativity and flexibility, while we were probably the worst kind of client! They made suggestions and slipped into our working methods with ease. The end product far exceeded our expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Will and Untapped. I look forward to working with them again soon.

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